Act I- Here

from by Catthumbs



It's about water
It's about stepping in with your shoes on
The smell of old beginnings
The taste of submergence
The acknowledgement of movement
Walk to the middle with your feet grounded
And see your clothes billow in the current
Understand that we are travelling faster than we know
Accumulating and letting go in bucketloads
At every moment you are greeted and abandoned by new molecules you have never met before
This is natural
This is the rhythm of breath
And the silence of light
To paint a river perfectly artists have to stare at the water for years stripping away all preconcieved notions of how their eyes work
To understand the tumbling magic of green and copper and gray
To recognize that we have never been able to see anything but mirrors
And that the colors are bouncing to and from every surface in a fluid embrace of acceptance and rejection
A flower that is orange and a flower that is blue simply love sunshine in different ways
A rose by any other molecular structure
Is still made of crushed dinosaur bones and stardust
And we will never lose this.
Keep in mind that as you walk into the river
Holding your shape like a lover
Laughter is the act of remembering every time you were not solid
And letting your voicebox explore every form of soundwave
Until you are also a song
You are also a song.
You are everything you have thought yourself.
You are everything else.


from Analomink, released December 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Catthumbs Providence, Rhode Island

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