I Built You a Boat Because

by Catthumbs

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We recorded these two tracks in September on the day I got my pug onesie


released November 5, 2014

Cody Burawski - Poems and vocal sounds
Jesse Morales - Ukulele, Melodica, Percussion
The vocals in the background of Honey Bee are both of us tracked together like my voice is a mysterious polydactyl thumb on the paw of Jesse's voice



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Catthumbs Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: I Built You a Boat Because
So guys,
I didn't want to mention this at the coffee shop,
Y'know, in front of all the angels and the normies,
But I'm building an arc inside my ribcage.
It's sorta weird, I know, I just,
I don't have the insurance to get it checked out
I've already swallowed a hundred dandelion parachutes too many
And with that starscape tattooed on my bellybutton showing through the tears in my flannel
This is happening whether I want it to or not,
the flood may not be coming
But there are five of every animal showing up in my dreams
Piling into my pockets
Clawing up my pant legs
There are pterodactyls nesting in my hair
Don't giggle,
I don't have the insurance to get this checked out.
It's complicated.
See, everything looks like a storm out of the corner of your eye
And my nervous system can spot a thing to worry about
catalog it
Instagram it
Build a shelter against it
Miles before my conscious mind can even catch it's gaze
That's how you make me feel,
Ponyboy, glass knuckles, buttercream daylight
Cigarrette powderkeg flick
You looked like a landmine and a shoreline
You fought my shivers with your eyelashes
And made me feel like an oak tree
That may or may not be about to be set on fire for someone else's sins
In a way that's always tempting until it happens but is definitely definitely a bad thing,
Except a beautiful bad thing that I am so immature to find beautiful
But it feels innocent to be lost in your blue eyes everywhere but retrospect
I don't have the insurance to get this checked out.
I didn't bargain for this cardboard sea
I didn't know what I was doing when I saw you in the wreckage and held you like an anchor
I built this arc by the glow of a paper moon
Through the stained glass discoball tyedye splashes on the cracked lenses of my glasses
I won't know what this nest of promises is made of
Until the water is at our ankles
And there's nothing left to prove
Track Name: Honey Bee
Honey, there is nothing radio about me
Nobody can smooth polish onto the chipping stumble of my bumbling stutter
My rhythms can never float to a practiced drummer
There is a metronome in my poembox that always points to the ocean
My creative process is running to the shore breathless and barefoot
And trying to breathe in the entire Atlantic
In a pulsing tug of war
Filling my lungs with glowfish and ghost eels
Searching on the intake of hungry storyquake
For the experience of feeling everything at once
I am the lanky kid on the beach with seaweed in my hair
And no car to return to
I cannot be a woman for you
But I can be a person for me
I'm not a smooth jazz sonata
I'm a jaywalker in a silly hat
And my best poems are the ones I haven't found yet
I heard they live in tent cities in the deepest jungles of my fever
And I fear I will someday be one of them.
Until then
Do not look at me like a flower
I have used the word "blooming" in a hundred poems
But I will never dare invoke "bloom" past tense
This forest is so dense
I can smell the ink of novels that haven't been born yet
On the coastlines of the spreading vines
There are glowfish and ghost eels
Making radiowire nests in the branches
There is something radio about me,
I am the wavecrest of contradictions popcrackling in the static
My stutter has-my stutter has a pattern
And I am singing to the open air before I learn it
You can find me by turning that pop song one click of the dial to the side
Looking the sun straight in the eye
Then watching the corners of the patterns it casts
On everything else
Look for me there
And tell me what you find,
I'm still searching myself